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Article 1. Federal Relations

Article 2. Bill of Rights

Article 3. Suffrage

Article 4. Distribution of Powers

Article 5. Legislative Department

Article 6. Executive Department

Article 7. Judicial Department


Article 7-A.  Court on the Judiciary

Article 7-B.  Selection of Justices and Judges

Article 8. Impeachment And Removal From Office

Article 9. Corporations

Article 10. Revenue And Taxation

Article 11. State And School Lands

Article 12. Homestead And Exemptions


Article 12-A. Homestead Exemption from Taxation

Article 13. Education


Article 13-A.  Oklahoma State System of Higher Education


Article 13-B.  Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges

Article 14. Banks And Banking

Article 15. Oath Of Office

Article 16. Public Roads Highways And Internal Improvements

Article 17. Counties

Article 18. Municipal Corporations

Article 19. Insurance

Article 20. Manufacture And Commerce

Article 21. Public Institutions

Article 22. Alien And Corporate Ownership Of Lands

Article 23. Miscellaneous

Article 24. Constitutional Amendments

Article 25. Social Security

Article 25A. Medicaid Expansion

Article 26. Department Of Wildlife Conservation

Article 27. Alcoholic Beverage Laws And Enforcement (Repealed)

Article 28. Alcoholic Beverage Laws And Enforcement

Article 28A. Alcoholic Beverage Laws And Enforcement

Article 29. Ethics Commission

Article 30. Official actions of state

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